Survios’ Raw Data Climbs to Number One on Steam’s Top Sellers List

    This month has been a success for Survios with the launch of its virtual reality (VR) title, Raw Data, for Early Access, and VRFocus also posted a video interview with Matt Lizst, VP of Marketing, who dubbed the videogame as “an active sci-fi combat game”. Now Raw Data has soared to the top of the overall Top Sellers list on Steam soon after its official release on Steam yesterday.

    The SteamVR Twitter account acknowledged this, tweeting out: “Congrats to @Survios for going straight to #1 on Steam’s overall sales charts with Raw Data!”. This didn’t last for too long, however, as other titles pushed it down the list gradually, but for an Early Access VR title to hit the top of the list is a feat that has rarely been achieved – especially when topping other popular regular games that don’t require a VR headset.

    In the interview with VRFocus, Lizst talks about what Raw Data is all about and what Survios aimed to create: ““We are all about active VR gameplay,” states Liszt. “We want to do the kind of games that stand you up and you can use your whole body; be able to use your arms, be able to pull bows and arrows, be able to really invigorate your whole sense as well as your head and visual sensibilities. So we are looking at all the platforms that doe those kinds of things.”

    The title is currently on a 20% discount, priced at £23.99 (GBP), but after the 21st July it will go back to its original price of £29.99. It is currently only available for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

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