Pokérun 5K Workout Launched by Virgin Active

    The Pokémon GO craze shows no signs of stopping in these early days as various media outlets report on all sorts of weird and wonderful stories. The overriding theme focuses on one of the augmented reality (AR) central mechanics, walking, having to actually get up of the sofa and catch the little critters, putting a healthy slant on videogaming. And so Virgin Active has seized on this opportunity and organised what is likely the world’s first Pokémon GO 5K workout for players keen to get fit.

    Due to take place this Wednesday 20th July, in London UK, the Pokémon GO 5K workout is a free of charge guided 5K run along key London PokéStops. Led by a qualified personal trainer it’ll start and finish at Virgin Active’s Walbrook club, with a section of the run taking place alongside the river Thames, enabling runners to capture water Pokémon.

    And while trying to catch city-dwelling Pokémon, participants will be challenged with interval outdoor bodyweight training, given a tough work out including press ups, tricep dips and lunges, all while hunting elusive Pokémon together.

    Members of Virgin Active can join in straight away, while non-members can also join in the fun by applying for a slot at the VirginActiveUK Twitter page.

    The 5 kilometre distance isn’t just for a healthy run either. If you’ve played Pokémon GO and visited a few PokéStops then you may have picked up some lucky eggs. Each egg will have a particular distance players need to travel, with some eggs needing 2K while others need 5K. So prior to heading out on the run if you’ve got a 5K egg put it in a incubator and by the end you’ll have a new Pokémon.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Pokémon GO, reporting back with any new updates or related announcements.