Supernatural Thriller Dark Days Coming Soon to Gear VR

    Since the release of the Samsung Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD), developers have tried to discover what experiences best suit virtual reality (VR). Evoking emotions help to immerse players within VR content and inciting emotions like fear, dread, anxiety can be some of the most effective. French team Parallel Studios is going for this effect with a new project due to launch next month called Dark Days.

    Dark Days is a supernatural thriller that’s described as a mixture between Twin Peaks and the X-Files. In it players assume the role of Jade Lacroix, a writer, who comes across an old dilapidated motel in the middle of Death Valley. Here you must discover the secrets of the motel and what keeps happening to the locals who keep disappearing? But there’s a mysterious force that seems to be everywhere and ever present.

    The videogame work’s on the escape-the-room principle, finding clues located throughout the various rooms in the motel, whilst adding a strong narrative. The trailer below gives a brief glimpse at what’s to come when Dark Days arrives in June 2016, although no actual date has yet been announced.

    The Samsung Gear VR has several story heavy titles on its roster including Annie Amber and Dead Secret, to name a couple, and Dark Days will only add to that burgeoning content.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage for the latest titles coming to the Gear VR, as announcements are made.