Storyfab App Lets You Use Augmented Reality to Create Short Films

    Seeking funding on Kickstarter this week is an app that aims to give you the tools to create your own augmented reality (AR) short films. Called Storyfab, the app is being developed by Florian Pariset alongside a small team of artists and developers.

    The app is being pitched as a reinvention of video storytelling that provides users with virtual actors, decors, and special effects that they can place in real world environments and film all through their smartphones. To use Storyfab you simply have to find a flat surface such as a magazine or newspaper that can be used as a reference point and then drag objects and actors onto it. The actors you use can be completely customised down to their moods, but there are also pre-made figures for when you’re short on time.

    Once you’ve dragged them onto your set you can direct their actions and make them interact with each other, adding special effects and music as you go. Once the scene is set click record. By turning your phone you can film the scene from multiple angles, editing it together within the app. Once you’re happy with your short film, Storyfab allows you to share it on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Vine, as well as through more private mediums like email and messenger.

    The developer is hoping to raise 20,000 Swiss Francs over the next 30 days which will be used to add more resources to the app, scheduled for a September 2016 release. The app itself has already been created and the team has been working on a Beta version for the past 6 months which Kickstarter backers will be the first to access. Unfortunately, that’s only good news for iPhone users as Storyfab will only work on iOS 9.0. An Android version will, however, come eventually. Pledges start at 2Fr (£1.45) , rising up to 3000 Fr (£2175).

    For updates on Storyfab’s Kickstarter progress keep an eye on VRFocus.