Story Led FPS Space Jones to Launch This Week For HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

    Many first person shooters (FPS) in virtual reality (VR) seem to take the same theme of space, but often they are not based on a deeper story other than they are the bad guys and you are the good guy. Space Jones seems to step a little further away from that with a heavier storyline to be added to the fun.

    The story is pretty well set out, and has a couple of layers for players to enjoy: “At an era of human space colony expansion, a bounty hunter (the player) accidently picked up a mysterious treasure named “Star Box”. Therefore, the bounty hunter has been targeted by multiple space pirates. A major war will be triggered at any time. The player will have no choice but to eliminate all the pirate battleships in flocks.”

    There are a few features that further define Space Jones. These include: motion sensing flying, where the flying direction can be controlled by head movement, to evade missiles, laser or other obstacle; motion sensing shooting where the two cannons can be controlled by motion controllers; Bounty system that lets you continually complete tasks, gain rewards, fame and fortune; an upgrade system that lets the player weapon upgrade & unlock system allows you to hit your enemies as hard as you like; and rich story levels that include small-scale combat to a solo run towards large fleet with all kinds of warships.

    Weapons that are usable are missiles, laser, bullet time, super acceleration, and special equipment.

    Currently there are a couple of bugs to be sorted out, according to the update posted today on the Steam page by VikingVR Studio, and they will reportedly be sorted to launch this week.

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