Space Rift Developers Release Next Instalment in Making-of Series

    Virtual reality (VR) title Space Rift launched for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs) earlier this month on Steam. Prior to the videogames arrival developer Vibrant Core and publisher bitComposer had released three making-of documentaries detailing the work that’s gone into the creation of Space Rift. There’s going to be 9 in the series and today the fourth instalment has been released.

    In this latest episode bitComposer and Vibrant Core talk about the developers’ teamwork. The video details the passion that the team has for VR and how the videogame itself gets documented in an approachable way. You’ll be able to see the compelling force of all participants, the mutual support and the verve for the project the team has for the title, all without the financial backing of AAA productions.

    As Milan Pingel, Lead Designer at Vibrant Core states: “This team was assembled expressly for this project. Besides a few exceptions, we haven’t worked together before. I, for example, brought a friend into the team during the course of development as I knew we needed additional support. The team, the chemistry and motivation in it, is my absolute favourite aspect of the job, I think. I’ve never felt so happy at work, as everybody is constantly striving to make the game better.”

    Space Rift is story driven, single-player, cockpit-based first-person shooter (FPS) where humanity is fighting for survival in the stars after Earth has been left uninhabitable by a meteor storm. Moving to Mars to begin anew two large organizations Weyss and Pandora enslave those that live on the planet, and its up to players to take them on, be the hero, and liberate humanity.

    As further instalments in the series are released we’ll let you know. And as new updates are announced for Space Rift VRFocus will report on those as well.