StartApp Reveals Results of VR Ad Campaign on Fibrum Platform

    As anyone who uses the internet is aware, head to almost any website and there’ll advertising banners, sliders, GIFs and pop-ups trying to steer users towards other websites, products or services. While they can be annoying advertising revenue forms an integral part of how a big proportion stay running and pay costs. Ads will eventually make their way into virtual reality (VR) in some form or another with those first steps already being made thanks to StartApp, a mobile marketing platform.

    A VR ad campaign designed by StartApp ran exclusively within apps by Fibrum, a company that not only develops VR software but also makes the Fibrum Pro head-mounted display (HMD).

    StartApp has now released the initial results of the campaign, detailing a high user interest for exploring the 360-degree ad, with 30 percent of app users choosing to enter the ad environment. Receiving several hundred thousand impressions since its launch in mid-May, users spent on average 30 seconds exploring the experience.

    Further analysis showed over 55 percent of those viewing the ad spent their time on the front and the right-hand side of the 360-degree environment, with a natural inclination to look right when entering the experience.

    “After seeing the results, we are more certain than ever that mobile VR will turn into an incredible platform for brand advertising,” said Ariel Shimoni, Director of Virtual Reality at StartApp. “Users are truly excited about the ads, they offer great engagement opportunities for brands, and by offering immersive, fun experiences, they’re the wave of the future.”

    “Virtual reality is the next big platform, and it truly allows users the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their own personal digital environment,” says Yaroslav Sivokhin, VP of Platform Development at Fibrum. “We want mobile users to be able to take full advantage of the emerging VR experience wherever they are, which is why the emergence of mobile VR is something we truly support.  Teaming up with StartApp to display high-quality advertising within our apps allows us to focus on building quality titles without needing to price users out of the mobile VR experience.”

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