Starbreeze Plans Expansion for VR Launch

    Starbreeze Studios is betting big on virtual reality (VR). Not only is the studio involved in the publishing of WEVR’s John Wick: The VR Experience, but also the studio has acquired its own VR head-mounted display (HMD) technology, StarVR. To support these new initiatives the studio is ramping up its internal team sizes, most notably in marketing departments.

    “Our internal marketing team is additionally getting increased support to back our VR initiatives and assure we’re the best development and publishing partner possible for independent developers,” stated Bo Andersson Klint, CEO, in a public newsletter from the company. “With our VR initiatives gradually walking into the public forum we are also becoming a great attraction for superior talent worldwide that want to join the VR industry at the top.”

    No specific opportunities were highlighted in the newsletter, though Starbreeze Studios does offer its own recruitment service via the company’s official website. In addition to marketing, Starbreeze Studios is also ramping up its internal development teams.

    “We are looking to recruit a good number of both senior and junior developers for our many exciting projects. Starbreeze is a great place to experience and partake in the charge of changing the entertainment industry as a whole,” closes the statement from Klint.

    No official release dates have yet been announced for Starbreeze Studios’ VR projects, though the launch of the first chapter of John Wick: The VR Experience is expected to be not too long after the HTC Vive becomes available in April 2016. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest on Starbreeze Studios’ VR initiatives.


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