Space Rift Developers to Release Behind the Scenes Videos Starting With The Making

    Recently VRFocus reported on the release of the latest gameplay trailer for Vibrant Core’s virtual reality (VR) space shooter, and now Space Rift has a making-of video that outlines the process it has taken to reach its end goal.

    The Making features Gihad Chbib, Project Director at Vibrant Core, who has been working on Space Rift for the past year. He shares that the title has been based off of older videogames such as Wing Commander and X-Wing. Milan Pingel, Lead Designer, also features on the behind the scenes title, who was approached by Chbib to take on the task of fleshing out the Space Rift as a whole, such as giving the characters personality and to outline the entire world that the videogame is set in.

    Lead Artist, Jurek Malottke, says in the video: “The original idea was to make a VR game. That was the first spark. And then it was over to Gihad who’d a big fan of Wing Commander and Battlestar Galactica who imagined what it would be like to actually sit in a cockpit and to be able to look around, to press buttons and so on… That is what we want to do!” Others, such as Lead Programmer, Tim Schroeder, explain their thinking behind the type of world they wanted to create, and what interaction the player will have with it.

    It is said that there will be seven more videos to be released once a week. “This will provide information on the essential aspects of the Space Rift development, for instance its cinematic presentation and the outstanding storytelling approach.

    “This will enable people to get to know and appreciate all aspects of the game in an entertaining manner, especially since all the team members developing the German VR project take part in the videos.”

    The first video, The Making, can be viewed below. Space Rift will be released in Summer 2016 on Android, and the PlayStation VR version will come out in Fall some time after the launch of the console head-mounted display (HMD).

    For more on the video releases for Space Rift, as well as the latest news and updates in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.

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