Sorcery and Combat Protect You in Malazard: The Master of Magic on HTC Vive

    Tower defence titles have been building up gradually in virtual reality (VR), but in order to make them unique there needs to be certain twists added. By using the HTC Vive, Malzard: The Master of Magic is a title in which this genre of videogaming is complemented by destructive sorcery and fast paced combat.

    This HTC Vive magic videogame is currently in Early Access, and the developers decided to keep it in this state so that they can change the title based on users’ opinions and feedback. In its current state, Malazard: The Master of Magic has 16 playable levels and 10 various abilities. “On all of these levels, you have to fight through 3-4 waves of enemies or win a boss fight to get to the next one. You get access to more and more spells as you progress. And your destructive power increases level by level.”

    In the final version, however, it isn’t the number of levels and abilities that are going to differ. “Keep in mind that our main purpose is to enchant that experience you get when “casting spells”, to actually feel the “magic” unleashing from your bare hands.” Instead, it will be the mechanics and quality of the game.

    This title will remain in Early Access until “late 2016”, and once it is fully polished there won’t be any increase in the price as if you purchase the Early Access version, you will also have full access to the final version.

    Malazard: The Master of Magic is currently priced at £4.19 (GBP), a discounted price of the original £5.59.

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