Sony’s Yoshida Flips Burgers in Q Games’ Dead Hungry

    Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida has been very much the face of the company’s virtual reality (VR) division. Yoshida pops up at events across the world, not just to talk abut PlayStation VR but VR the industry in general. It was back in April that VRFocus reported on him receiving an Oculus Rift then a HTC Vive the following week. Recently Q-Games uploaded a video of Yoshida demoing the studios latest VR project, Dead Hungry on HTC Vive.

    Uploaded Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert, the video shows Yoshida trying his hand at making burgers in a VR kitchen. Putting patties on the grill, loading up buns with cheese and salad, and putting fries on before serving them all up by throwing out of the service hatch.

    The developer will be showcasing its experimental VR title Dead Hungry at the 4th Bitsummit this weekend in Kyoto, Japan. The event is a festival dedicated to indie videogame development with a theme revolving around Japanese Manga culture.

    Not much is known about Dead Hungry other than the brief video shown here, and that the title will also feature zombies in some manner, possibly players have to feed them with delicious burgers?

    SIE are making a big push to promote the PlayStation VR in the Asian market. Recently revealed was the news that SIE would be holding a press conference at the end of July in Hong Kong, prior to the Animation Comic Game Hong Kong 2016 (ACGHK) convention. The conference is slated to focus on the head-mounted display, but what might be unveiled is unkown.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Yoshida and PlayStation VR, reporting back with any further news.

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