Oculus Rift Drama Title Private Eye VR to Update Physics Motion Control

    A few months ago Private Eye VR had been given a new update to its development since the long time it had revealed how far it has come along. Now the virtual reality (VR) title for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) is due for another update, and with this one there is more realistic mechanics being implemented.

    One of the most important points in VR design and development is the realistic intention for the world the player or user is existing in when trying out an experience, and this is something that the developers for Private Eye VR understood now that it will soon be releasing a physics motion update.

    There wasn’t much information regarding what exactly would be updated after it was announced on Twitter on its official Twitter account, all except a gif of the progress so far. What can be seen are hands picking up wine glasses and throwing them about, placing them on top of each other, and passing them between the player’s hands.

    It hasn’t stated when the update will come, or what exactly has been changed, but the tweet was posted not too long ago, and there was even a video to follow it up a couple days later, which can be watched below. Through the video there is more wine glass muddling, as well as general object interaction such as placing objects inside of draws, and bouncing and hitting a tennis ball with more of a realistic weight about the movements.

    Private Eye VR concentrates on the story of a man who have a car crash and is then subsequently bound to a wheelchair, only being able to use his hands – which is convinient from a VR locomotion point of view.

    VRFocus will keep up to date with the latest releases for Private Eye VR and all other Oculus Rift titles, as well as all of the news and features in the world of VR.

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