Sony: “Not every 1080P screen is the same” for VR HMD’s

    While all the virtual reality (VR) hardware manufacturers, Oculus VR, HTC/Valve and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) are aiming for the same goal, bringing VR to the consumer market, the companies end product won’t be the same. SCE has recently talked about the varied quality of 1080p screens being used in head-mounted displays (HMD’s) and why the ones built into the PlayStation VR maybe a cut above the rest.

    At the recent Immersed conference, Tom’s Hardware spoke with Dr. Richard Marks, Director of Sony PlayStation Magic Lab about the PlayStation VR HMD, and the benefits SCE’s device has in terms of its screen capabilities.  “Not every 1080P screen is the same. Ours has three subpixels per pixel, which means true RGB for every pixel; some of the other displays actually don’t have the full RGB for every pixel, so they have less subpixels per pixel,” said Dr. Marks. “The frame rate of PS VR is also very high, but probably the biggest effect is the optics. The designers have done a really good job at matching the optics to the field of view to the screen.”

    While these details haven’t been released by Oculus VR or HTC, this may have an effect on the HMD’s long term popularity and success in the VR field. The PlayStation VR is due to be the last of the big three to launch, with a rough release date of the first half of 2016. Currently no price details have been announced, but SCE’s popular Head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida recently said the release of PlayStation VR would compare to ‘launching a new platform’. As the PlayStation 4 was $400 USD at launch the HMD may receive a similar price.

    VRFocus will continue to report on any further announcements from SCE on the PlayStation VR as details are revealed.


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