Snake Gets a VR Makeover in Tails

    Remember Snake, the videogame synonymous with early Nokia mobile phones? While the title still exists in various forms from different developers its heyday was pre-smartphone, when mobile phones were far more basic and colour screens were still a long way off. Fast forward to today and we now have virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) in the hands of consumers, and Dreamcave Studio has re-imagined Snake for VR with Tails, but this time there’s a dragon.

    Launched on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive, players should find Tails just as easy to pick as its forebear, with two game modes currently available. In Zen mode players control the dragons head around the area picking up lanterns to grow the tail. While in Time Attack mode there are different lanterns to pickup to extend the amount of gameplay time available, helping to rack up a bigger score.

    Dreamcave Studio plans on keeping Tails in early access for around two to three months in which time more content and variety is planned. “We have a lot of ideas for new game modes and ways to make our game even more engaging. VR is a new medium and we want to involve the community from the beginning to help us explore what works and what doesn’t,” states the team. “We plan to add a “Survival” mode in the final game. This will be the main part of the game and will feature a lot more variety and challenge in the form of new pickups, powerups, fireballs and even enemies!  We’re also planning on implementing progression, unlockables like new skins and environments during early access, Steam leaderboards, achievements and trading cards.”

    Currently Tails can be purchased with a 10 percent discount until 15th August, dropping the price from £5.59 GBP to £5.03.

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