Life in 360°: Want to Shoot an Immersive Film, This is What to Avoid

    For today’s Life in 360° we’re taking a different look at immersive videos by going behind the lens. As this regular feature proves there are loads of 360-degree videos out there and they’re growing at a daily rate. This is due to more consumer friendly cameras being sold on the marketplace, devices such as 360fly, Ricoh Theta S, and Samsung Gear 360 are just a few that can be bought for the price of a normal point and shoot camera. But 360-degree cameras can’t be used in the same way, there are several things to consider to make a good immersive video and the YouTube Creator Academy is here to help.

    Just talking about how to shoot a 360-degree video isn’t the same as actually demonstrating the finer points of recording an immersive film. So thankfully YouTube Creator has done just that. The video points out some important aspects to look for, such as where the stitch lines are, how close subjects are to the lens and the height of the lens. Probably the best thing to remember is to treat a 360-dgree camera like a person, as the resulting film puts the viewer inside, as if they are there, and forgetting this can result in a 360-degree experience that doesn’t work or simply feels disjointed.

    So before you grab a 360-degree camera an d head off to shoot your immersive masterpiece, take a quick look at what not to do. As always VRFocus will be back with another Life in 360° soon.