SmartVizX Launches VR Solutions for Business

    Companies across the world are trying to come up with innovative new solutions for using immersive virtual reality (VR) technology. New Delhi, India-based SmartVizX, is one such company creating business solutions using VR and augmented reality (AR). SmartVizX has currently developed three VR projects, Arch Viz, CODEW and Vi – Viz for business use.

    Arch Viz is an immersive and interactive piece of software that allows virtual architectural walkthroughs. CODEW is a collaborative online design tool for products which allows multiple stakeholders across various locations to work together. And VI-VIZ, a web-based dynamic platform which provides interactive visualization of properties and products, whilst giving enhanced control to buyers.

    “At SmartVizX, we believe Virtual Reality so far used mostly for entertainment purposes has the power to revolutionize business as well. In the coming years with the evolving technology there will be no barriers between real & unreal. Virtual Reality will soon emerge as the most potent business tool. How we translate this for meeting business objectives is what will help in its ability to facilitate smarter business. We aim at creating products and services that will help make the most effective business decisions and processes, giving maximum control to the end users to make better & more effective choices,” Gautam Tewari, Founding Director, SmartVizX said in a statement.

    SmartVizX aim to use VR for business ventures like selling real estate, consumables and designing products, is an idea being picked up by a number of technology savvy companies. VRFocus has previously reported on Shelfzone a VR shopping simulator or The Franklin a building project in Birmingham, UK.

    VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest news relating to VR’s implementation across any industry, as the technology develops.


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