Sluggy’s Fruit Emporium Soon to Land on HTC Vive

    There have been a few simulations to come to the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) such as the much raved about Job Simulator where you take on regular everyday average Joe jobs but in a slapstick way. Sluggy’s Fruit Emporium, however, has a more alien take on the simulation of work, and it is soon to come to the Vive.

    Sluggy’s Fruit Emporium has a rather simple game concept, but the way it is carried out is different: you are an alien running a fruit stall in a bustling spaceport that don’t even speak your language. It’s a battle of communication with succeeding in business asperations. Using your tentacles, the player poses as Sluggy, a slug-like cycloptic alien, guessing which fruit the customers prefer, stocking his stall with deliveries out back, and dealing with money as you manage busy crowds of fruit loving aliens and see the benefits of the fruits of your labour.

    The mechanisms used are relatively simple, and this makes for easy gameplay, picking up and moving fruit and money with your tentacles whilst using the HTC Vive motion controllers, and it even utilises room scale so you can really feel like you’re standing in the boxed in stall ready to sell.

    Although Sluggy’s Fruit Emporium is out soon, there are apparently still many more features and much cleaning up to do in terms of design as the developers highlighted in its description that the videogame is “Still under heavy development!”

    When the title become available, VRFocus will report on its pricing and how far it has come along in development. Until then, make sure to check back for the latest news and updates in the world of VR.

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