Skreeball and Air Hockey AI add to the fun on Pool Nation VR

    The popular Pool Nation VR for HTC Vive has seen developer Cherry Pop Games release a raft of updates for the title, adding new features and content on a fairly regular basis. An update last week added Air Hockey, more darts game modes and cricket. Today owners get another fully beefed up content addition with Skreeball and Air Hockey AI just some of what’s available.

    There’s five newly featured items in today’s update: Skreeball beta; Tableshield; Air Hockey AI; Ballspin Control and Backhand adjust. If you’ve played normal Skreeball then you’ll be right at home with the Pool Nation VR version, its just the same. Roll the balls at the target and try to get one in a high scoring section. It’s still in beta so there might be a few glitches.

    The Tableshield is for the serious pool players that don’t want their game disturbed. Players have the option to put a see through protective barrier around a table so no flying beer bottles or chairs can interrupt. Again for those seriously into their pool playing Cherry Pop Games has added ball spin control for when a shot requires it.

    And setting your backhand grip position is now easier. The studio explains: “While your front pivot is locked, try pulling the trigger on your back hand. This still lets you fine tune adjust the shot, but also now remembers to where you adjusted your back hand.”

    Added by popular community demand is Air Hockey AI. The initial version could only be played in multiplayer mode but now if you’ve got no mates to play against, there’s the AI to practice with instead.

    More updates will be on the way with the developer planning to implement NVIDIA’s Multires shading to improve performance soon. As new announcements are made VRFocus will keep you posted.

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