Skonec Entertainment Reveal Theme Park VR Attraction

    Skonec Entertainment is going hard on virtual reality (VR). Having made their debut last year with Mortal Blitz VR on Samsung Gear VR, the company is expanding the franchise with a PlayStation VR release later this year. More recently however, Skonec Entertainment revealed a new ‘walking attraction’, built using Unreal Engine 4, to bring Mortal Blitz VR to theme parks.

    Revealed at the LA KCON last week, Skonec Entertainment demonstrated Mortal Blitz VR as warehouse-scale VR experience. Using a motion-capture system to track the position of the player in the space, this project is aiming to become the first content that integrates interactive VR content with motion-capture in Korea.

    Created with the use of Unreal Engine 4, Mortal Blitz VR’s warehouse-scale installation promises to deliver high-end quality graphics as it precisely tracks the movement of the player’s head, gun and hands. In a similar fashion to the works of The Void, Skonec Entertainment promise realistic immersion as the player acts like they are inside of virtual world, and makes the evaluation of the environment and task at hand as they would in a real-world environment.

    CEO of Skonec Entertainment, Dae-sil Hwang said, “We are working actively but also with other hardware manufacturers for launching VR Theme Park, which is called VR Square, in worldwide including Korea, China, and Japan in 2016 Q4.”

    No further information is currently available on the theme park installation of Mortal Blitz VR, including whether or not Skonec Entertainment are targeting an international roll out. VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest details on the Mortal Blitz VR franchise, including the forthcoming PlayStation VR release.

    Skonec Entertainment Reveal Theme Park VR Attraction