SDK for Eye-Tracking VR FOVE Headset Now Available

    The latest edition of the software development kit (SDK) is now available for all. The download, known as v0.4.0, is C++ based to allow integration with custom rendering engines and native applications.

    According to FOVE Inc., this release contains a lot of reliability and stability fixes from the previous private releases designed with the intention of aiding external content providers. Additionally, the incorporation of distortion meshes, shaders and exposing view matrices for each eye has received significant upgrading. The SDK is available to download now, via GitHub.

    “What we aimed for with this release is a finalised external interface that anyone can work with and moving forwards from here, our aim will be to have no breaking changes introduced in the client library,” states the official FOVE documentation. “While some functions may be deprecated and new ones added, our goal is to handle older versions back to v0.4.0 in the runtime so that a newer runtime release doesn’t require fixing and recompiling your external game/application.”

    FOVE also comment on Unity and Unreal Engine plugins, for which it is ‘working on already’, with early versions intended to be made available with the next SDK release, v0.5.0, which will be made available later this month. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the FOVE SDK packages and forthcoming hardware