Samsung’s New Gear VR Trailer Looks at Gaming

    head-mounted display (HMD) and immersing yourself in a digital world on a standard display. Samsung has attempted to showcase its Gear VR mobile-based kit this way before, and it’s not always worked in the kit’s favour. This month, however, Samsung has a brand new advert for Gear VR focused on its videogame applications, and it manages to pull off a respectable representation of the experience using in-game footage.

    That trailer can now be seen below. A number of Gear VR’s biggest videogames are on display in this short clip. That includes the likes of Ustwo Games’ first-person adventure, Land’s End, CCP Games’ visually stunning shooter, Gunjack, and Aldin Dynamics’ tower defence title, Twisted Realms. There’s also a look at Imangi Studios’ Temple Run VR, a less than successful conversion of the endless runner classic. It’s akin to some of the sizzle reels that partner Oculus VR itself has put out for the device along with its own PC-based HMD, the Oculus Rift.

    The consumer version of the Gear VR is available now for $99 USD/£79 GBP. It works with Samsung’s range of 2015 smartphones which include the flagship Galaxy S6, the curved Galaxy S6 edge and the enlarged Galaxy S6 edge plus and the Galaxy Note 5. Gaming is just one part of the experience, however, as Oculus VR and Samsung also offer a range of video services such as Netflix and other applications like a VR internet browser and more.

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