REWIND Releases Gameplay Trailer For Pane In The Glass

    If you cast your minds back to December last year – or just have a little look over the article we published – you might remember REWIND announcing its virtual reality (VR) videogame Pane In The Glass coming to the HTC Vive. The studio has now released a trailer for the gameplay of this seemingly simple yet slapstick title.

    Revealed on Twitter, REWIND posted the video to the gameplay trailer for Pane In The Glass. Viewers may be able to draw comparisons with Owlchemy Labs’s Job Simulator, but it is of course much more concentrated on cleaning windows. In the trailer, it seems as though the videogame will be sprinkled with delightful light, and sometimes funnily dry, humour, all complimented by the pretty average sounding British voice which gives it that kick of personality.

    Players will be able to either carry out the job or sabotage themselves, and the voice over the intercom gives both direction and commentary. Clean windows, throw things over the edge at great heights, or slap a seagull across the face with a wet sponge – it all gives a strange air of satisfaction, much like many other titles that give players a realistic amount of freedom within the task, such as Cherry Pop Games’s Pool Nation VR.

    Not much else information has been given for this title, only that it will be coming to the HTC Vive “soon”, but as soon as more information is revealed we will make sure to cover that.

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