360Heros Announced Rebranding to 360RIZE

    One of the more recent stories to come from 360Heros was the update to its 360Abyss System, but it isn’t only the camera that will be sleeping with the fishes. The company has decided to ditch its old name to rebrand itself as 360RIZE.

    Not only has 360RIZE decided to pick up a new name, but it has changed its mission and direction of goals. This is all down to the growth of the company as a whole, resulting in the increased diversity of product.

    In a press release, the CEO of 360RIZE, Michael Kintner, explained the decision to rename the company and take on a new direction in its initiative: “360Heros is now entering the next phase of empowering content creators through our manufacturing of patented products, education, tools (hardware & software) and professional media production. In demonstration of this forward-thinking approach, we are moving toward the adoption of a fresh logo, new company name and improvements in our business models.”

    He goes on to talk about the new name itself: “The name 360RIZE represents our goal to help producers rise up, elevate beyond their current market place and support their projects regardless of scope. This falls in line with our original goal to inspire 360 video content creators, or 360 heroes as we’ve always called them, so they can meet the demand for high resolution, cinematic quality spherical content. Our support for the community comes in the form of new 360 video products utilizing a wide range of exciting 3rd party cameras, training, technical guidance and education.”

    The official rebranding will take place this Friday, 5th August, in Los Angeles at the Virtual Reality Los Angeles Expo (VRLA) with a launch party that will take place at the Charleston Haus at 8pm. Tickets available are either standard $25 (USD) or VIP for $300.

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