REWIND Announces Pane In The Glass Release Date On HTC Vive

    Recently VRFocus reported on the release of a gameplay trailer for Pane In The Glass, a slapstick glass cleaning title by REWIND. It has now come out that the release date is much closer than expected.

    Although it isn’t stated on the Steam page where it will become available, REWIND via Twitter announced the release date for the HTC Vive title. The ridiculousness of the title can easily be sniffed out from the description that was given on the Steam page: “Pane In The Glass takes the genre of VR window washing to new EXTREME heights! Grab your sponge and squeegee, then soak up the fast and frantic action as you splash, wipe and squeak your way up the ever increasing tower of windows! Hold onto your lunch (in more ways than one) as you swing high up above the ground earning an honest day’s pay in what is quoted as ‘The working man’s Tetris’.”

    You are also asked to not forget one thing: the seagulls are watching you. There is no shame when it comes to dry humour either, as it is unofficially classed as a Squeegee13 title. If this all really tickles the funny bone, then there’s no doubt that enjoyment will be found with this one.

    The official release date for Pane In The Glass is 8th August, so it will be available from this Monday for Vive owners over on Steam. It isn’t clear right now, however, how much it will cost to buy this title.

    For more of the latest on REWIND and Pane In The Glass, as well as all the news and updates in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.