Reflections by Broken Window Studios Wins Global VR Challenge

    Over the course of July VRFocus has been following the progress of the Global VR Challenge, a competition to highlight the best virtual reality (VR) titles by indie developers. Put together by Steel Media and China’s DeePoon the contest has now come to a close and the winning entry was Reflections by Broken Window Studios.

    Reflections is a real-world adventure title where every action you take has meaningful consequences that radically shape the experience. Built upon Broken Window Studios’ Storyteller Engine, Reflections takes a new approach to storytelling in which everything you do can be woven into a narrative that drastically changes. The player’s actions will have a visible affect on the world around them.

    The competition had 80 entries which were whittled down to 20, then down to 10 by Resolution Games’s Tommy Palm, nDreams’s Patrick O’Luanaigh, ex-ARM developer outreach director Nizar Romdhane, DeePoon’s Leon Zhang, ustwo’s Peter Pashley plus Steel Media’s Craig Chapple and Simon Aubrey Drake.

    Those 10 then went over to China to compete at the ChinaJoy videogame expo to win part of the $35,000 USD prize pool. In a Twitter posting by DeePoon the company revealed Broken Window Studios as the winner, collecting $17,000 in the process.

    The videogame currently supports the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and its available as a Steam Early Access for £6.99 GBP. While the title’s only compatible with one headset at the moment the developer has previously stated it was looking into support for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR, but has yet to confirm if that’s still the case.

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