Puzzle Title ZED Looks to VR in Stretch Goal

    It’s testament to virtual realities (VR) growing popularity and the fact that studios don’t want to get left behind in the knowledge race, that more are looking into the technology. Eagre Games is currently running a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a puzzle adventure title called ZED, and while it doesn’t feature VR initially the developer is looking at the possibility in a stretch goal.

    ZED is the brain child of Chuck Carter, one of the creative talents behind Myst, the Command & Conquer series and many more. Filled with vividly eccentric scenery, ZED tasks players with solving puzzles to help an aging and dying dreamer leave behind a lasting legacy for his granddaughter. But this old timer isn’t always the most helpful as he can aid or hinder your quest by putting obstacles in your path.

    The campaign is looking to raise $48,000 USD by the 1st July 2016, and currently its sat on $12,224. Eagre Games has listed several stretch goals starting at $58K. If the campaign hits $100,000 then the team will look at developing the project into a fully fledged VR title. As the description states:  “ZED is a dream best experienced as fully as possible. This hyper-stylised yet realistic place begs to be explored in multiple dimensions. With this goal achieved, we can develop for a VR release. However, implementing virtual reality properly is expensive. We need to fully dedicate staff and purchase hardware to make sure the VR experience is flawless.”

    There’s still a long way to go and no Kickstarter is ever guaranteed success, but VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of ZED reporting back with any new updates.