Private Eye Dev Looking for Art Director to ‘Help define the visual style’

    Private Eye has been an intriguing sideline for virtual reality (VR) for more than 2 years now. The UK-based team working on the project have regularly offered new public demonstrations of the title and have shown massive progress with each outing, but are yet to commit fully to the production of a consumer product. This may be changing however, as the team is looking to expand.

    The Private Eye development team has always been a bootstrapping consortium of interested parties, working tirelessly to develop this unique experience in their spare time. A crowd-funding opportunity has been discussed many times in the past but the team haven’t been ready to commit to a campaign prior to completing a polished demonstration version of the videogame. It appears that this situation may soon be changing.

    “Over the course of Private Eye’s lifespan, we have worked with a number of talented people who have contributed hugely to the effort,” states Private Eye director, Jack Slack, in a recent update to the videogame’s official blog. “We’re fully committed to our Kickstarter trajectory and think that if we continue doing what we are doing we have all the talent and commitment to make this happen. However, throughout this entire process, one key area has been missing. It’s a vital role and one that we think shapes the fundamentals that will go on to define the game. That role is an art director and it’s a role we desperately need to fill. We are now reaching out to find this person.”

    More details about the role, the potential crowd-funding campaign and Private Eye in general can be found on the official Private Eye blog. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the project as it develops.


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