Practical VR Studio Virtalis Partners UK Oil and Gas Company to Improve Operations

    Quite often the usual utilisation of virtual reality (VR) includes videogaming, film, and TV, but it is also pushed further to benefit the general workings of every day businesses and companies. Virtalis has now taken a step in that direction with its joint venture with Granite Energy to better the behind the scenes operations.

    Virtalis, a VR studio with the specialisation of applying the tech to practical business solutions, has partnered up with Granite Energy to provide both the Scottish oil and gas sector, as well as government departments that deal with roads and buildings, the things they need to function in a more efficient way. Virtalis will accomplish this by allowing immersive collaboration within data sets, in real-time 3D, and also improving decision making.

    Paul Paterson, MD of Granite Energy, shows recognition of the implications that come along with the mixture of VR and national sectors, and said in a press release: “The use of VR technology has great potential for cost cutting across core areas of design, manufacturing, maintenance and operations. Introducing VR to the Oil & Gas sector will provide companies with a real opportunity to enhance safety, improve efficiency and ultimately reduce CAPEX and OPEX spend.”

    Virtalis’ GeoVisionary Product Manager, andy O’Keeffe, also added his comment on the competence of the company in providing the right tools to ensure a successful partnership: “We’ve proved time and time again in allied sectors that VR saves money in exploration, design of facilities, asset management, maintenance and training.”

    Paterson also shared that he believed in order to make the UK oil and gas sector more sustainable there needs to be “a significant step-change in operating methods”, and incorporating VR into their every day management is certainly a change of step.

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