Polynomial 2 Extends Support to VR

    With all the news focused on the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last week, it’s time to settle back down to normal and look at the virtual reality (VR) you can get your hands on now. Polynomial 2, an indie videogame from developer Dmytry Lavrov launched three weeks ago for PC on Steam. Over the weekend Lavrov has now added VR support for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMDs). 

    Polynomial 2 is a sci-fi space-based shooter that intertwines original music to create an engaging multi-sensory experience. Launched via Steam Early Access Polynomial 2 looks to continue the positive reaction gamers had to original – The Polynomial – Space of the music –  with fleshed out ideas and graphical improvements.

    This pre-launch version will include nine levels with over ten available enemies and four different weapons to choose from. As development progresses and the Steam community gives feedback further content will be added. Lavrov states: “We hope to release within 8 months, but we want to first ensure that we have addressed customer feedback.”

    Along with approximately 40 minutes of original music, players will also be able to add their own. Polynomial 2 will then animate to the music being used, giving a more personal experience.

    VR support was initially added but the recent update fleshed out compatibility further. These updates included:

    Massive performance improvements

    Eliminated menu judder

    Disabled copy to screen by default (with a 10 second timeout) due to it causing problems for some users

    The “zoom” control now aligns the ship to your head (It is kind of cool to shoot things with your head)

    Fixed LOD and clipping issues (also helps performance)

    Eliminated HUD text jitter

    Hud readability improvements (more to follow)

    Fixed rocket targeting bug for some bots

    Better HUD area defaults

    Tweaked colours for VR

    A setting to limit maximum number of HUD items

    Improved controller precision

    The title can currently be purchased through Steam for $11.99 USD, or there’s a bundle pack with the previous title for $14.23, giving a 25 percent saving over purchasing them separately.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Polynomial 2, reporting back with any further updates to the title.

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