Pokémon GO Coming to ORA-2 and ORA-X AR Smartglasses

    The behemoth that is Pokémon GO continues unabated even with new updates not being to every players liking. While constantly starring at your smartphone or pulling your device out your pocket every time a critter happens by hasn’t proved to be a downside, there are companies looking to make the augmented reality (AR) experience more immersive and accessible. One such company is Optinvent a startup developing a set of smartglasses called ORA-2.

    The company has recently revealed details of the ORA-2 which originally started life as a Kickstarter campaign for the ORA-1 back in 2014.

    Khaled Sarayedine, Optinvent’s CTO & Co-founder recently said in an update: “We are excited to show you some pictures of the production and assembly process of the ORA2 Smart glasses in our Rennes, France facility.
    “We’ve received almost all the parts (mechanics, electronics and optics) for the ORA-2. Our development team worked hard to finalize the ORA-2 platform and to implement the detailed assembly process with the production team. During assembly, all parts and sub-assemblies are checked following our quality control procedure. The glasses are then flashed with the Android software and a set of applications. All main features and sensors (Display, Wifi&BT, GPS, Camera&Autofocus, Motion position sensor, etc.) are then controlled by a program to check that all of them are fully functional.
    “As we will be ramp up the production process in the next few weeks and are expecting delivery of the ORA2 before the end of August. We can’t wait to deliver our Kickstarter and web pre-order customers with this new and exciting product. Optinvent’s R&D team is always ready to answer customer questions on ORA-2 hardware and software functionality. Our goal is the success of our customers using Optinvent’s ORA.”

    But what about Pokémon GO. Well the company has been working on bringing the experience to the ORA-2, recently releasing a short teaser trailer to showcase how the title and smartglasses combine. From the video footage the project certainly shows potential, although the graphics do look blander than on a smartphone.

    As further details are released for ORA-2, VRFocus will keep you updated.