Back in December 2015 Element Games launched its first virtual reality (VR) title, Evil Robot Traffic Jam onto the Samsung Gear VR. Now the studio has ported the videogame over to the head-mounted displays (HMDs) bigger sibling, the Oculus Rift along with a HD makeover.

Evil Robot Traffic Jam is a tower defence title that puts players in the role of an agent for the Evil Robot Defence Force. Dastardly robots that have begun creating traffic jams across the world and it’s down to you strategically place a variety of weapons to stop them. Featuring a variety of different enemies as well as boss battles, there’s a reasonable selection of maps available where players need to get gold medals to gain enough funds to help with progression. As for the weaponry available this includes explosive missile towers, slowing frost towers, rail guns, mortars, anti-air and more.

Designed from the ground up to be comfortable in VR, Evil Robot Traffic Jam features a player progression system whereby the medals attained give the player attributes such as extra starting cash, helping towards harder levels. These attributes can also be used on previously cleared maps. Each map also includes an endless version, allowing players to try to beat their high scores.

Evil Robot Traffic Jam should be a comfortable experience for most and can be downloaded from Oculus Home for £7.99 GBP

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Element Games, reporting back with any new updates.

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