Playstation VR is Back in Stock to Pre-Order in the UK

    When the Playstation VR (PSVR) became available to pre-order for UK customers in March of this year it sold out in on Amazon in under 10 minutes, as gamers jumped on the chance to get their hands on Sony’s £349 headset. For anyone who missed out the first time, there’s some good news today as the headset has entered Phase 2 of its pre-order allocations and retailers’ stocks have once again been restored.

    This new round of stock comes after Sony’s press conference on June 13th at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles where the company announced all kinds of exciting news for the headset including a solid release date of October 13th. As well as a release date, Sony also revealed that the PSVR would be launching with a number of exciting exclusive titles and promised that before the year is out the headset would have a library of 50 videogames for players to choose from, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $59.99. Sony has brought 40 playable demos to E3 this year for attendees to try out with exciting trailers to entice fans who can’t be in Los Angeles.

    The headset sold out extremely quickly last time without all of this exciting news so we imagine stocks won’t be around for long this time, either. The headset is once again available for £349 from Amazon UK and GAME where customers are limited to one unit per address due to limited stock.

    It should be noted that a pre-order from Amazon doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the headset on launch day and the retailer will email you with an expected delivery date closer to the release date. Don’t forget that to use the PSVR headset you’ll have to purchase a Playstation camera and the Playstation Move controllers, which are sold separately for £39 and £25.95 respectively.

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