PlayStation VR Exclusive Farpoint Uses IKinema for Full-Body Immersion

    Farpoint was one of the titles that debuted during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) for PlayStation VR, and it particularly stood out due to its use of the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. It seems as though there is no slowing down on the immersive quality of the title as Impulse Gear, developers of Farpoint, is the first studio to use IKinema RunTime VR, a program that simplifies VR workflow and captures real time movement.

    IKinema claims that it has banished “invisible man syndrome”, and the latest extension for it makes it an even more valuable VR tool with the ability to accurately detect movement as it is happening. This technology can be integrated with Unreal Engine 4, letting characters interact with objects and naturally respond to changing environments.

    Impulse Gear Co-Founder, Seth Luisi, said: “With the help of IKinema RunTime, we are pushing what can be done in Virtual Reality and in the process creating an entirely new user interface. Our goal is to deliver on the promise of what real Virtual Reality games should be.”

    IKinema CEO, Alexandre Pechev, said: “The body is back in the game. With RunTime for VR, developers can now create within minutes much more advanced experiences in which the body – especially hands, elbows and arms – interacts accurately with the environment. Users will no longer see floating props without arms – they’ll be able to look down and see a complete, animated body within their virtual environment that accurately syncs with weaponry and props.”

    RunTime for VR is available right now for download from IKinema’s website, and is available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and other VR compatible platforms.

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