PlayStation VR Confirmed for Chinese Release in October

    With the worldwide release of Sony Interactive Entertainments (SIE’s) PlayStation VR only a few months away it might be difficult to imagine most major countries not getting the device in some fashion. But its not possible to launch in every territory, and companies will always focus on the places where they’ll get the most interest. China is a massive market and could be set to be the biggest for virtual reality (VR), and its been revealed today that the country will also see the HMD on 13th October.

    SIE held a showcase at ChinaJoy one of the biggest videogame events in China, with a big focus on the PlayStation VR. Attendees tweeted details on the reveal, showing that the company would be launching the HMD in a similar fashion to western markets, with a standalone device and two other bundles.

    The PlayStation VR on its own is 2999RMB which equates to about $450 USD, slightly higher than the US price of $399. The first bundle includes the PlayStation 4 Camera for 3299RMB – approximately $500, while the full package including camera and two PlayStation Move Controllers comes to 3699RMB ($555). So for Chinese customers it will require a slightly bigger expense to enjoy VR gaming on PlayStation VR.

    It also seems as if SIE’s Chinese customers won’t be getting as many titles this year as their western counterparts. Tech In Asia has reported that only 20 experiences will launch between October and the end of the year, when other markets will get over 50. That these 20 will be has yet to be confirmed.

    But the PlayStation does have the advantage of still being the cheapest as the entry level point for the HTC Vive is much higher, and the Oculus Rift isn’t currently available.

    As further PlayStation VR details are released, VRFocus will bring you the latest announcements.