PlayStation CEO: PSVR’s ‘second phase’ Will Include Video, Music Apps

    Given that it’s heading to a videogame console, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has been surprisingly open to the idea of seeing virtual reality (VR) video and other types of experiences on the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD). In fact, the company has already collaborated with the movie arm of the wider Sony Corporation, Sony Pictures, to produce a VR experience based on The Walk. All that said, SCE’s CEO doesn’t expect this type of content to hit PlayStation VR itself until the ‘second phase of development’.

    House said as much in a recent interview with The Guardian. “That’s something we’re definitely investigating,” he said of other types of experiences on PlayStation VR. “But it will probably come in a second phase of VR development for use, because our first focus is on games. And when it comes to high production-value, 360-degree, camera-generated live action experiences, there’s still, in my view, a lot of work to be done on the back-end production, before they get to a point where you’d say they’re ready for primetime. But that’s an area where I think Sony can bring a lot to bear from other divisions within the corporation.”

    For now, SCE is busy securing a solid lineup of content for PlayStation VR, which is set to arrive in the first half of next year. Over the past few months the group has revealed several new titles for the platform, most recently hosting a huge showcase for it at the 2015 PlayStation Experience fan event. There the company announced new videogames such as Ace Combat 7, 100FT Robot Golf, Rez Infinite and The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.. Both a final release date and price for PlayStation VR are yet to be set.

    VRFocus will continue to follow PlayStation VR closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.


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