Panorama software: Autopano Pro / Giga 3.7 RC1

    The Kolor team has just announced a new release candidate version for Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga our image stitching software. This update improves certain features and fixes some bugs. Read the change log below for further information.


    Download Autopano 3.7 RC1

    Comments and change log Autopano Pro / Giga 3.7 RC1

    Main changes

    • It is now possible to force Autopano keeping certain values in focal lenght, distorsion, offset to optimize the stitching. It is convenient to get best stitching results if you already know what values are associated with your camera and lens.
    • The user interface of the NCTech iSTAR plugin has been improved.


    We are only doing fixes now on 3.X of Autopano Engine, as we are already working actively on next version 4.0.

    Fixes since 3.6.3:

    – 0003910: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Add option “keep current value” for optimization unknowns

    – 0003712: [Import plugins] iStar plugin: Added auto-completion on “Input Folder”

    – 0003713: [Import plugins] iStar plugin: The input folder name is used as project filename (.pano file)

    – 0003857: [Import plugins] iStar plugin: shift the YAW of 180 to maintain consistency with Immersive Studio.

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