This is a project we’ve wanted to share for a while as it’s a tour that encompasses many of Pano2VR’s features, has beautiful imagery, is well-designed, and had a positive impact on the local community it documents. Today, we present the tour of El Tambo, Columbia, by Perspektiva 360.

Bridging the Gap between Conflict and Peace

El Tambo, historically impacted by armed conflict, began its transformation in 2016 when the community embraced the peace agreement, choosing to rebuild rather than succumb to the shadows of violence. This region, known for its biodiversity and agricultural contributions, saw an opportunity in tourism as a catalyst for development.

This is where virtual tours can be a real help for drawing in excitement and curiosity for tourism. In collaboration with USAID, NGO Get Up And Go Colombia, and the El Tambo community, Perspektiva 360 set out in 2020 to create a digital experience transcending traditional boundaries. Their vision was to present El Tambo’s diverse offerings and foster understanding, empowerment, and a sense of belonging.

Engaging Content Presentation

El Tambo is a beautiful place. Perspektiva 360 did a fantastic job using multiple mediums to bring its diverse beauty to the viewers of this tour, which uses both panoramic video and stills. 

There are over 20 unique experiences in adventure tourism, agro-tourism, and ecotourism. The tour is separated into these three categories, essentially creating 3 virtual tours in one. This is made possible with variables, tags, and logic blocks. 

Perspektiva 360 also created a fully customized skin based on the project’s graphic concept that adheres to the brand guidelines designed for the El Tambo tourism project. 

User-Oriented Features

This is an older tour that shows the capabilities of Pano2VR many versions ago. Users are first presented with a splash screen, the visitor chooses a language and is presented with a tutorial for navigating the VR tour.

A delightful feature is an astronomical observatory panorama that transitions from day to night.

What is helpful and keeps the visitor engaged is that the perspective remains fixed when transitioning between panoramas. The result is a panorama that offers a smooth and captivating experience. See: Before and After Tours Using Multiple View States.

Measuring Success with Analytics

To gauge performance and user engagement, an analytics system integrated with Google Analytics provides valuable insights. Perspektiva 360’s solutions for metrics collection adds a layer of transparency, allowing them to refine and optimize the tour based on user interactions.

Learn how to implement Google Analytics in your projects. 

Accessibility Amidst Challenges

The El Tambo community faced challenges related to digital literacy and limited internet access, which is a barrier to access for large media projects like this one. 

However, Perspektiva 360 was able to build a virtual tour that is simple, user-friendly, and responsive. The optimization of content (or the use of multi-resolution tiles) ensures optimal performance, even with slow and intermittent internet, addressing the community’s needs and creating a bridge between technology and accessibility. 

Thank you to Perspektiva 360 for sharing this project with us! Head over to their website for more inspiration. And if you like their work and are looking for bespoke skin services, then reach out to them, as they do provide this service!

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