Pano2VR 2.0 beta3 released

    We are happy to announce a new beta version of Pano2VR. Beside of bug fixes the major new feature is the support for skins and the a build in skin editor. All skin elements can be active so they can manipulate the panorama, link to URLs or modify the skin itself. They can even change with values from the panorama.

    There are 3 sample skins included with the installer but you can easily create/modify skins on your own.

    Unlike in Pano2QTVR the skin is now fully embedded into one SWF file so you don’t need to upload/send a bunch of files. This makes it easier to use panoramas with web applications like a CMS, Blog, etc.

    Some samples can be found at the samples page

    For the full list of changes and feedback please visit the forum

    You can download the new version from the
    download page