Pano2VR 2.0 beta released

    We are glad to announce the first beta release of Pano2VR

    Pano2QTVR will be called Pano2VR from now on to reflect the focus on many different VR formats, not just QuickTime. The company name “Garden Gnome Software” has been registered and is the new home of Pano2QTVR and Pano2VR.

    This newest beta is now available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

    Some of the main features are:

    • read cubes, strips, equirectangular, and QTVRs
    • write QTVR, self contained Flash 8 and Flash 9, thumbnails
    • remaps to different projections like angular map, mercator,…
    • hotspots for QTVR and Flash
    • multi core support
    • live preview for thumbnail remapping
    • advanced droplets

    There are still some things missing from the old version but these features will be included in one of the next beta versions:

    • cylindrical panoramas
    • image overlays
    • background music
    • HTML export

    The object movie functionality will be offered in a separate future product.

    The new license key works on all platforms and there is an upgrade path from Pano2QTVR with FlashPack.

    To download the latest beta go to
    Pano2VR download.

    There is also a short introduction movie at
    to show you the first steps.

    A sample of the new Flash 9 format can be found at
    Pano2VR Samples.