Out of Ammo Receives Update Including New Environments on Vive

    Out of Ammo released as a virtual reality (VR) for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) nearly exactly a month ago on Steam, and it has now emerged today that the title will be received an update to add to and fix various aspects of the videogame including identification of compatibility problems with AMD and additional environments.

    Out of Ammo is an indie action title which puts the player into the commander’s seat against waves of soldiers, allowing you to move around the battlefield to build defenses and issue orders with the use of motion tracking on the Vive. Update 0.6 includes new environments that are listed on its blog post, such as a canyon level where mortar teams spawn like sniper teams, and a D-Day-style beach defense map where units arrive in boats from the sea – and a thing to note for the latter map is that lower-end machines will cause performance issues due to the rate they can spawn. Other updates include a new helicopter model with doors that open on landing, weapon stabalisation so that snipers can smoothly scope, floor height adjustment for comfortable play on room tracking with the Vive, enemy mortar teams to appear on the conyon level, and a new model for RPG with future improved accuracy.

    The update also addresses issues with AMD GPUs and how the title doesn’t perform as well as what it should with them such as fliddly building placement, buggy design with the M16, and general friction when handling the videogame using its graphics cards. The developers have stated that “The minute we have a confirmed solution we will implement a hotfix. We suspect this might involve a driver update from AMD.”

    The developers look at aspects that may come with the future updates for Out of Ammo, including left-handed mode, customisable weapon angle, Steam leaderboards, and initial testing for Co-op.

    Update 0.6 is out now for the Early Access title. For the latest news and updates in the world of VR stay with VRFocus.