OTOY Gets Investment from HBO and Discovery, Working on ‘Holographic Content’

    It’s been a while since fans have heard from OTOY, the Los Angeles-based cloud rendering company that’s been making strides in light field rendering technology over the past few years. The company even held a competition in partnership with Oculus VR to showcase the potential of the tech last year. Today, however, the company is announcing that Home Box Office (HBO) and Discovery Communications have invested in it.

    The equity stake taken in the company will enable it to work on ‘holographic content’ across multiple platforms, including both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) which will be seen through both HBO and Discover platforms. For the former, OTOY is already working with the former host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, on brand new content.

    “The future of media and entertainment is not going to be constrained by a screen, nor consumed through monolithic apps or platforms,” said Jules Urbach, Founder and CEO of OTOY. “OTOY’s mission is to make holographic and immersive content a mass market proposition for consumers, artists and publishers alike. A key part of this endeavor is unifying production and delivery of content across all possible endpoints, from HTML5, to TV and social, to wearables. With HBO and Discovery as strategic investors and content publishing partners, we couldn’t be more excited to work together to map out the future of entertainment.”

    Stay tuned to VRFocus for more from OTOY.