Otherworld Interactive’s Sisters passes 1 Million Downloads

    Back in 2015 Otherworld Interactive launched its virtual reality (VR) horror experience Sisters: A VR Ghost Story on Samsung Gear VR, Android and iOS. This week the developer has announced the title has surpassed 1 million downloads and over 1 million people have viewed Sisters-related YouTube content created by fans.

    To celebrate this milestone the studio has put together a highlight reel of some of the teams favourite scares that have been uploaded to the video sharing site.

    In an email to VRFocus, Andrew Goldstein the Executive Producer at Otherworld Interactive said: “We are extremely proud to have an experience that has been so widely viewed across the world. We are thankful for our fans, the community, and everyone who has gotten goosebumps from Sisters. We have released another free bite-sized experience for the Vive, that we highly recommend for people to try who loved the mobile version of Sisters.  We are thrilled to have had so many people try our experiences, and we can say that there will be much more arriving from Otherworld Interactive very soon.”

    Sisters: A VR Ghost Story is an experience with a simple mechanic, you have to careful where you look. Best viewed using headphones, sounds and objects will draw your attention but looking might anger an unknown presence that doesn’t want you there.

    Otherworld Interactive is also working on other VR experiences, most notably Nimbus Knights, a Real Time Strategy (RTS) videogame for HTC Vive and Oculus Touch.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Otherworld Interactive, reporting back with any new updates on its VR projects.