Oculus VR CEO and Co-Founder Hints More About Oculus Touch Release

    It was only today that Oculus Connect 3 was announced, and a small part of the blog post made by Oculus mentioned the Oculus Touch controllers and how they were “on track”. Now Oculus has teased a little more information via one of the most gossip-filled platforms: Twitter.

    Brendan Iribe, Oculus VR CEO and Co-Founder, took to Twitter to share the news that had already been told in Oculus’ blog post today, but what took peoples’ attention in particular was the fact that the Oculus Touch “ships in volume” in the fourth quarter of this year. We were already aware of the Touch aiming to launch during Fall of this year, but for it to “ship in volume” raised a couple of questions as to if there was a chance to get hold of a Touch controller before Fall, or Q4.

    Iribe went on to say: “Touch ships in Q4. Enormous investment in quality and polish. True hand presence is a VR changer. Lots to share at OC3.” This might imply that there could be a chance to pre-order during Oculus Connect 3, but that is just speculation.

    During Oculus Connect 3 it is listed that Iribe himself will be presenting a keynote, and so it is worth keeping an eye out for his talk specifically if you are wanting to know all the nitty gritty details about the Oculus Touch controllers as he seems to have all the answers at this moment. As well as Iribe, there will be Chief Scientist Michael Abrash, and CTO John Carmack.

    It was also announced today that any orders of the Oculus Rift from Oculus’ official website will only take two to four working days to ship, which much different to what those who pre-ordered their Oculus Rifts months ago. There is good news in that area too as all pre-ordered rifts have been officially delivered.

    For more coverage on what Oculus has to say regarding the Touch controllers, as well as any other reveals during Oculus Connect 3, make sure to stay with VRFocus.