Oculus Rift Ranked in Top 5 ‘Worlds Most Influential Product’

    Virtual reality (VR) has existed in many forms over the last few decades, gaining prominence in the 90’s as a possible consumer device before fading away into industrial and military applications. Then when Palmer Luckey created the first Oculus Rift model only a few years ago it would rekindle gamers love affair with immersive worlds that almost seemed real. Now UK-based World Influential Organizations (WIO) has named Oculus Rift in a list of “World’s Top 5 Innovative Products Affecting the World.”

    The Oculus Rift is the only VR product to make the list sitting alongside Tesla Model S, Casarte Yunding air-condition, Amazon Kindle and Apple iPhone. It goes to show the reach Oculus VR has had on the world, and VR in general that a product originally with a focus on videogames has ingrained itself some much.

    WIO is an international, public welfare oriented, academic organization that consists of senior government figures, professors, scholars, famous entrepreneurs, and industry researchers of the world’s major economies.

    During the assessment, 200 scholars and experts from all over the world took half a year to evaluate 20 brands of 8 industries ranging from automobile, electronics, daily chemical, to home appliance from 12 dimensions including market share, sales, management innovation, technology innovation and industry contribution.

    WIO issued over 40,000 questionnaires before authorising 30 leading experts from different industries to finally name the top 5 innovative products.

    The Oculus VR released two development kit versions (DK1/DK2) in the run-up to the full consumer launch earlier this year. Since then there have been shipping problems due to shortage of components, eroding the brand appeal for VR enthusiasts.

    VRFocus will continue its Oculus Rift coverage, reporting back with the latest news and announcements.

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