Oculus Rift Creator Owns Around 70 VR HMDs, Wants to Put Them In VR Gallery

    Current virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) have been built upon the mistakes and shortcomings of previous hardware, most of which are defined by the time that they were made in. Though obscure, these devices form an important part of the history of VR, then, and Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey knows this better than anyone. In fact, Luckey recently revealed that he has amassed a collection of around 70 HMDs in the past few years, and one day hopes to display each of them in a sort of virtual gallery.

    Luckey said as much during an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit this weekend. When asked if he was still collecting HMDs, the Oculus VR founder said: “Yes, I have something like 70 headsets now. Pretty much everything that has ever existed, most of it pretty old.”

    Later asked for pictures of his collection, Luckey revealed that he would one day like to display them all in a real gallery as well as a virtual one. “I want to put them in a gallery of some kind at some point, but it is mostly stacks of cardboard moving boxes right now,” he said. “My real goal is to make a VR gallery that lets you virtually wear all the headsets, instantly turning the experience into the one you get from that particular headset.” Such an experience sounds like a massive undertaking, so don’t expect to see anything on this front for some time.

    It’s surprising to learn that there are even 70 VR HMDs to collect, though perhaps not so much when you consider the wave of mobile-based devices that have arrived over the past few years. No doubt this number will grow considerably in the coming years as VR plans to finally take off with the mainstream. The Oculus Rift itself will be launching on 28th March 2016 with pre-orders open now for $599 USD.

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