Oculus Responds to Issues with Xbox One Controllers due to Win 10 Update

    Microsoft recently began rolling out a Windows 10 Anniversary update to the public with the usual fanfare of new features, innovations, better security features and such. But it seems for Oculus Rift users – or anybody in fact – that uses an Xbox One controller to play videogames on their PC, connectivity has become broken. For virtual reality (VR) gamers this can be especially awkward, as you’re immersed in a virtual world then suddenly you’ve lost control. So Oculus VR has posted in its forum support pages some workarounds to help players.  

    In the listing Oculus states: “Due to the Windows 10 Anniversary update, Xbox One controller connectivity has become broken while using Oculus software. You may experience the issue if the Xbox One controller fails to register button presses when playing VR games.
    “We are working with Microsoft to try to understand the issue and resolve it in a future update. However, in the meantime, there is a work-around that has worked for some users.
    “Basically, you want to power cycle the controller while a VR app is running. So first start the VR game like normal. Then remove the USB cable for the controller, or remove the batteries, then reinsert. This can temporarily resolve the issue.
    “You can also try this solution, that some people are saying can work as well. Plug the Xbox One Controller into your PC via micro USB cable. Download and open the ‘Xbox Accessories’ tool from Windows Store. Click update.”

    For players that have already updated Windows 10 and are experiencing issues hopefully these details may help. And for those who haven’t updated yet, you may want to hold off, just make sure Windows 10 doesn’t automatically update. One thing to note for anyone who’s already had the update, users on the blog have indicated that rolling back Windows to the previous build seems to work.

    As for Microsoft fixing it, nothing has been reported just yet. VRFocus will keep you updated on the issue, and if a proper resolution is found.

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