Oculus CEO Confirms First Shipment of Consumer Rift

    Pre-orders for the Oculus Rift started in January, and after the two month wait consumers who have already places their orders for their Oculus Rift are anticipating the arrival of their head-mounted display (HMD) starting on the launch this Monday. Oculus VR decided to shake up excitement further by documenting the first Rift to be shipped in time for deliveries to arrive at the beginning of next week.

    With only four days to go, Oculus VR has shipped its first unit that has been pre-ordered and Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus VR, has posted a picture of a fully packaged Oculus Rift along with the tweet “first Oculus Rift has shipped, deliveries begin Monday 3.28.2016.”.

    There are many questions to be answered when the Rift launches next week on Monday 28th March, including the much gossiped about estimate of how many units have been pre-ordered, and whether or not virtual reality (VR) will be as big of a success as the excitement surrounding it suggests.

    VRFocus will be reporting on the day on the Oculus Rift launch so check back for the latest news and updates surrounding the event and for all things VR.