Now Explore Mythos of the World Axis via Oculus Home

    Back in September 2015 indie developer Ats Kurvet released puzzle/exploration videogame Mythos of the World Axis via Oculus Share for the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD). Now the title is available through the Concepts section of Oculus Home for the consumer Oculus Rift.

    Built in Unreal Engine 4, Mythos of the World Axis is a third-person experience that put players into an old ancient labyrinth. Using a variety magic spells you must explore this dark and unforgiving place, solving various puzzles as you go, with only a flaming torch as company to light the way. The videogame features a warp mechanic where you can place warp points to easily traverse sections you’ve managed to get though.

    Mythos of the World Axis is still in the experimental stage, hence being in the concepts section, so its free to download and tryout. The description on Oculus Home does state that the current in-game tutorial is very basic and as such a rundown of controls is listed.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Mythos of the World Axis, reporting back any updates or announcements.  

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