Nintendo Reveals Pokémon Go Plus Accessory Delayed

    The worldwide success of Pokémon Go seems to continue unabated as the augmented reality (AR) app launches in new territories. Back when the title was announced in September last year a separate Bluetooth device named Pokémon GO Plus was also unveiled. This was supposed to be arriving this month but to Nintendo of America has announced a delay to the launch.

    Via its Twitter account today Nintendo of America announced that the July launch has been delayed until September 2016, but has cited reasons why this has happened.

    Pokémon GO Plus, is a wrist worn device shaped like the iconic Poké Ball, that notifies users of nearby Pokémon and other events by vibrating and flashing without having to have your smartphone out.

    While walking around and a Pokémon appears nearby, the light on the Pokémon GO Plus will begin to flash. Players can then press the button on the device to throw a Poké Ball to capture the creature. There’s a catch though, players will only be able to throw a Poké Ball using Pokémon GO Plus if the Pokémon has been caught before. If successful the Pokémon GO Plus will notify the player by flashing and vibrating. The Pokémon GO Plus can also be used for PokéStops. When passing by press the Pokémon GO Plus button to search the PokéStop for items. If any items appear, swipe or tap the unit to add them to the inventory.

    It’s not been a great week for Nintendo. After the launch of Pokémon Go the company’s shares soared. It then reminded investors that it doesn’t actually own the Pokémon franchise, its The Pokémon Company that does, Nintendo only owns a stake in said business, and this week Nintendo’s shares have now fallen.

    As further updates and news is revealed about Pokémon Go, VRFocus will report back.