NewRetroArcade Update Heading To Steam As NewRetroArcade: Neon, Multiplayer Included

    It was only yesterday that VRFocus reported that Digital Cybercherries would be bringing their Unreal Engine 4 creation NewRetroArcade to the Valve backed HTC Vive as well as the Oculus Rift on which it first appeared as an Oculus Share title. As the name suggests NewRetroArcade is an experience positively dripping in 1980’s to early 1990’s nostalgia. A slice of gaming cultural history sadly now gone for the most part.

    In a new interview with the website of American business magazine Forbes however, some additional pieces of information have come to light. Speaking to reporter Jason Evangelho about the forthcoming updated and free version of the title heading to Steam as NewRetroArcade: Neon, developer Joe Henson confirmed that multiplayer would indeed be a feature although how isn’t specifically stated.

    “A lot of the multiplayer functionality is still in flux as the specific capabilities we can work into NewRetroArcade: Neon bring with them a lot of interesting challenges. As a basis, we’re expanding the number of ‘physical’ games in the arcade.” Henson gave an example of an air hockey game being such an addition, something that you would expect to see in an arcade alongside the cabinets.

    Henson also confirms that there is no release date confirmed or even one specifically target at this time. Should any further information be released VRFocus will update you.


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